Posted Sep 12, 2016

Sip and slurp with some scary monsters! Show off your artistic skills by morphing your Minute Maid juice boxes into spooky pals. No matter how gruesome the outcome, the fun time spent giggling over the googly eyes will outshine any ghost or goblin. You’re #doingood! 

craft paper
foam and/or googly eyes
glue or tape
Minute Maid juice boxes.

Step 1: Use craft paper in a variety of Halloween colors – orange, purple, green, brown or black. Lightly fold paper around the juice box and cut away excess.

To create an ancient mummy, skip the craft paper and wrap medical gauze around the juice box.

Step 2: Select spooky foam or googly eyes and glue on the center panel. Set them at a slanted angle for a ghostly stare.

Step 3: Draw on the remaining parts of your monster’s face using medium size tipped markers.  Add a ghoulish grin, teeth and a few lumps, bumps and stitches. Imperfections are welcome! A little roughness around the edges will give your monster a hauntingly haggard look. For some boo-spiration, look to the classics: Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and Wolfman.

Step 4: Once your creation has come to life, fold it around the juice box and tape or glue to keep in place.

Let the lunch bewitching hour begin!