Taking a Stand for Parents (You're #doingood)

Posted Apr 10, 2015

Minute Maid is on a mission.

We’re taking a stand for parents under pressure. Whether it’s because of a stranger’s comment or someone’s picture-perfect post on the internet, parents are always asking themselves, “Am I doing good enough?”

We think it’s time to shout, “YES!” Because, when it comes to making juice or raising a family, when you put good in, you get good out. And research tells us that today’s parents are actually doing better than they think. Just for starters, they’re spending 64% more time with their kids than generations past*. That can mean more playground time, homework help, cheeks kissed, and life-long memories made.

Let’s start a movement to change the conversation. Let’s help put an end to parent shaming. Let’s stop the endless pursuit of the perfect social media family post. Instead, let’s help parents feel better about their efforts – big or small.

We’re going to shine a big beautiful light on all the great things parents do for their families – and we can’t make it work without you. When you see a parent doing one of those many little things that usually go unnoticed (or even a big thing), point out that they are doin’ good - #doingood. It could be a brother, a sister, a mom or dad, a friend, a coworker, anyone. Let them know you think they’re a great parent.

We need your help. Because when the full force of a community is on the side of good, anything is possible.

It only takes a minute to tell a parent they're #doingood. Share the video and let them know.

*Source: Pew Research Center Social & Demographic Trends ("Modern Parenthood", March 2013)