It's The Thought

Minute Maid want to bring back the power of words, because a heartfelt letter impacts your loved ones more than you could imagine.

Choose the letter that best fits, add your personal touch, and tell a parent (or someone you love) they're doing better than they think.

Hi !

I thought I'd write a note to tell you how much I you. A lot of times when you help me with , I don't give you the thanks you deserve. you provide me , , and even , and it's about time someone made you feel appreciated. I also love it when you , it makes me realize where I got it from. You're and mean so much to me.  


Dear ,

I might not tell you enough how much I you, but often it's hard to find the powerful words to convey it. You're always there when I need you the most--like when you and . Oh, and remember that one time we ? I'll never forget it. You're constantly surprising me with your ability to , and I admire that. You may not expect this, but you're one of the most people I know, and I'm incredibly lucky to call you my .


Hey there, !

You make me so , that I’m smiling just thinking about you. Remember when we went to and we ? That was so funny! Not to mention every time you help me with my —I really don’t thank you enough for that. I can’t imagine having a different that doesn’t make me laugh like you do. I’m so incredibly to have you in my life. I love you!