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Minute Maid celebrates the unpredictable, the chaotic, and the hilarious moments of family life, because that's the good stuff.


This is family. This is good. 

Bringing goodness to your family
for over 70 years.

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Good isn't all the picture-perfect posts on social media or posed family portraits. It's all the little unpredictable, messy, chaotic and hilarious moments in between. Yeah. That's the good stuff. Post your own good family moments with #thisisGOOD

GOOD n' easy crafts

Ah, DIY. The three scariest letters on Pinterest. But here are some fun, easy last minute crafts that help solve the problems you run into sometimes when you're a parent.

DIY Juice Box Caterpillar Pencil Case

Get crafty with your kids and stay organized this school year.


Minute Maid Bottle Cap Magnets

Add some pizzazz to your family photos and favorite memories with DIY magnets you can display proudly on the refrigerator and other appliances.


DIY Minute Maid Coasters

Get out your craft bin and recycle your Minute Maid frozen juice and drink lids for this easy DIY project.


DIY Minute Maid Carton Piggy Bank

Turn your Minute Maid Juice cartons into unique piggy banks with this easy craft.


Minute Maid Juice Box Puppets

Minute Maid Juice Boxes become your new favorite characters as they turn into creative puppets.

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