It Only Takes A Minute

Posted Aug 26, 2015

Think of all the things that can happen in a minute.

A skinned knee can be patched up and sealed with a kiss. A grilled cheese can be melted to gooey perfection – and gobbled up just as fast. A lifelong lesson can be passed on, like tying a tie for the first time. Or a simple moment can pass, like a comforting hug or a wild piggyback ride.

The world moves at a breakneck pace these days. You can snap a photo and upload it for the world to see in less time than it takes to cross the street or brush your teeth. From Pinterest-perfect pictures to a constant feed of the trendiest parenting gadgets, there’s a never-ending flow of parenting commentary. The voices of judgment and criticism are out there and louder than ever. It can start to make you wonder, “Am I doing good enough?”

That’s why we’re standing up to tell parents they’re #doingood. We’ve been a part of the goodness in families for generations, and we want to amplify the voice that says, “You’re doing better than you think.” The fact of the matter is, parents spend more time with their kids than ever before. As quick as a minute might seem these days, they add up to a whole lot of goodness.

We want to match every one of those minutes spent cheering from the sidelines, leaving notes in lunches, and tucking in at night. We want to change snap judgments into eager encouragements, create inspiration, and collect positivity. For every parent out there asking if they measure up, we need your help to reassure them. 

Because just like it only takes a minute to put goodness in a child’s life, it only takes a minute to tell a parent they’re #doingood.

So write a letter to your parents. Post on a friend’s Facebook wall. Send a text to your coworker. It could be a tweet of encouragement or a Throwback Thursday story. You never know how much a mom or dad needs to hear, “You’re #doingood.”

Taylor Rebhan is a writer living in Novi, Michigan.