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Dear Mom & Dad

See what five-time U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin has to say about how her parents are doing.

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We Know You’re #doingood

Minute Maid has been served with love for generations, and we believe that when you put good in, you get good out - with juice and with families. That’s why we’re taking a stand for parents. Whether it’s a stranger’s comment or a picture-perfect post in social media, parents today are inundated with doubt. It’s time to shine a light on all the good parents do by saying, "You’re #doingood."

Our #doingood Mission

The #doingood Gallery

See how real-life parents are #doingood everyday

The Good Minute Blog

Your source for recipes, DIY and #doingood family goodness.

It Only Takes A Minute

You never know how much a mom or dad needs to hear, “You’re #doingood.”


A Letter from My Daughter

If someone was to ask you how you thought you were doing as a parent, what would you say?


Family Fun DIY

From juice box cars to flower planters, these fun and easy crafts are a great way to use Minute Maid bottles and boxes.


Whipped Up Recipes

Looking to add to your go-to list of easy snacks? We’ve got a few ideas.


Time For Some Real Parent Judging

When it comes to the parenting conversation, it’s no secret that things can get a little judge-y.

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